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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tips for Removing Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J (Virus Removal)

What is Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J exactly?

Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J is recognized as a highly dangerous Trojan horse which should be cleaned up out of PC as soon as it is found. Usually computer users may get alert of Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J by their antivirus software. However, though you are using the latest version of antivirus and update its virus data, it may still a big problem to erase Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J threat completely. This is because the virus has used its advanced and stealthy technique to bypass the detection and auto removal of security tools. This tricky virus are good at utilize system vulnerabilities and security exploits to spread its malicious registry files and codes so that to make damage in PC.

Many computer users may realize that their PC turn to be very abnormal like the slow performance of Windows, the high usage of CPU, some functions are unusable, and etc. obviously, the virus will lead to worse result without timely removal. To keep your computer safe, you should erase Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J with effective method – manual removal. If you meet any trouble, please feel free to contact Tee Support certified professionals 24/7 online for the further help.

Conclution of Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J

1.    Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J endangers your Internet environment by redirecting your web searches to other harmful domain which carries more threatening viruses and deceives you to download free software, videos, games and files, etc.
2.    Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J allows remote access to compromise your computer by changing your PC system settings, registry settings and files to capture and steal your personal privacy data without any permission.
3.    Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J infects with lots of bundled malware, malicious spyware, adware parasites, and all these harmful PC threats can deep hide in your system, processes, files and folders.

Tips for removing Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J (Step by step guide)

1. To stop all Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J processes, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager.

2. Click on the "Processes" tab, search for Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J, then right-click it and select "End Process" key.

3. Navigate to directory of Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J and delete the infected files manually.
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.exe

4. Click "Start" button and selecting "Run." Type "regedit" into the box and click "OK."

5. Once the Registry Editor is open, search for the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J."
Right-click this registry key and select "Delete."

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\random.exe"
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J

Manual removal is better than auto removal, why?

Even though you have the top antivirus program installed, the Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J virus still gets through without your consent. I should say there is actually no such thing as perfect protection. Virus is created every day. Such virus like the Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J is designed to have been changed the code so antivirus can’t keep up. Once executed, Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J virus can disable your security tool. In such circumstance, manual removal is required.

However, manual removal is risky and tough process requiring expertise. Not a single mistake is allowed. It is wise to have an expert taking care of this for you. Getting help from online expert is fast and safe way to get rid of Trojan:Win32/Tobfy.J virus.

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