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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Removal Guide for Hijacker - How to Delete Annoying Pop-up!

Have you ever encountered the same situation like this?

Victim: "Hi. I've got some sort of redirect bug that I can't get rid of. When i click on a link in a website, I get redirected to, which is a pornographic site. I have the K9 filter, so it blocks the site from appearing, but it's getting really annoying. In addition, I am afraid that my private info might somehow be compromised. I've tried anti-virus scans, I used Malwarebytes, and I don't see any unusual programs in my computer..."

Know More About Pop-up is actually a redirect infection that has been reported to affect mainly popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE. It is developed to generate web traffic and help for its owners to collect the sales by leading people to suspicious sites. Many victims have no idea on how it gets into their computer. Usually, it may spread via some corrupted or compromised websites, junk email attachments, malicious hyperlinks, etc. Besides, it can be often bundled with some other programs and install along with them. But the thing is that most users are not attentive to the installation process.

Once infected, it will change your browser default settings so as to keep redirecting you to every time you try to visit some certain websites or open a new tab. And the is a pornographic site actually. This pop-up keeps display even if you block it. You online activities can be interfered seriously. Besides, it may mislead you to download other malicious or unwanted programs. Moreover, may track your browsing history and collect sensitive data and then release more unwanted and suspected pop-up ads after redirecting. Therefore, you are suggested to remove and get rid of its pop-up ads as soon as possible.

How to Remove Pop-up Step by Step?

Solution A: Manual Removal Steps

Solution B: Automatic Removal Steps

Alt=Download Button

Solution A: Manual Removal Steps

Step 1: Go to Task Manager and end the process.

“Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open “Task Manager” > click “Processes” > choose and click “End process”. Windows Task Manager

Step 2: Uninstall relevant programs from Control Panel.

Click “Start” > “Control Panel ” > choose > “Uninstall Program”.


Step 3: Remove from browsers.

Internet Explorer

1. Internet Explorer > Gear icon (in top right corner) > Internet Options > tab Advanced > Delete personal settings > Reset > Restart


2. Internet Explorer > top menu—Tools > Manage add-ons > > select and Remove > OK


Mozilla Firefox

1. Mozilla > tap Alt+H > Troubleshooting information > Reset Firefox > Reset Firefox > Finish


2. Mozilla > top menu—Tools / press Ctrl+Shift+A > Add-ons > Extensions > select and Remove > X of Add-ons Manager tab > close


Google Chrome 1. Google Chrome > Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings > Reset


2. Google Chrome > Wrench or Three-bars icon (on top-right portion of the browser)> Tools > Extensions > remove the unwanted entry by clicking on the trashcan > restart

Step 4:Delete related Registry entries.

Press "Windows+R" keys together


Type "regedit" in the blank


You will see the box below


Delete all malicious registry entries related to pop-up.

Solution B: Automatic Removal Steps

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Strongly Recommended: pop-up is really bothersome that bring you numerous unwanted troubles. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you should download and use a powerful remover and a optimizer to get rid of it from your computer permanently.

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