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Monday, July 20, 2015

How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc Issue Effectively?

"Hi, I receive this error code when i try to open Windows Defender and it says: An error as occurred, in the program during initialization. If this problem continues, please contact your system administrator. Error code 0x80073afc. And in the Action Center it says that Windows Defender is turned off. Please help!”

Recently, more and more computer users complaint that their PC always appear an Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc which really interrupt and even disable their normal online work. Are you also encountered the same problem? If so, your computer might be infected with malware or virus. Please keep reading and following the post which can help you fix the nasty problem.

Know more about Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc

Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc appears constantly on your screen, which means your PC has been infected with a malware or virus. Or your antivirus program may be conflict with Window Defender. And your antivirus or Windows Defender will be disable so as to avoid the detection and blocking. It means that your entry may has been alter. As times go by, your computer will perform slowly and even get frozen up. More and more malicious programs will get into your PC due to your poor system security.

What kind of threats from Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc

  1. More and more other malware and virus can be introduced to your system
  2. You computer performance and security will be degraded.
  3. Your confidential information can be stolen by remote hackers for illegal purpose.
  4. Malicious codes or file can be inserted into your system to cause further damage.

How to fix Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc problem?

Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc is a nasty error. It is high time to remove it and the malicious program brought by it. Here are 2 methods for fixing Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc. Please read the following post carefully.

>>Method one: Manually fix Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc.

Step 1: End up all the harmful running processes related to Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc.

1. Click on Task Bar, then select Start Task Manager to open Windows Task Manager (or Press Alt+Ctrl+Del keys at the same time to open Windows Task Manager.)
2. Under the tab Processes, find out and right click on all processes associated with the issue, then click End Processes.

Step 2:  Show all hidden files and clean all the malicious files about Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc.

First: click the button Start and then click Control Panel.
Second: click Appearance and Personalization.
Third: click Folder Options. And then, click the View tab in the Folder Options window. And choose Show hidden files, folders, and drivers under the Hidden files and folders category.
Finally: click Apply at the bottom of the Folder Options window.

Step 3: Remove Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc from Registry Editor.

(1)  Open Start button, type regedit into search box. Right click and select Run as administrator once it shows up.

(2) Delete registry entries associated with Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc in Registry Editor panel.

Method two: Fix Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc and Optimize Your System by RegCure Pro

Malware prevention and removal is good. But when it comes to computer maintenance, it is far from enough. To have a better performance, you are supposed to do more works. If you need assistant with windows errors, junk files, invalid registry and startup boost etc, you could use RegCure Pro for professional help.

 Download PC cleaner RegCure Pro

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Warm tip:

If you do not have much experience to remove Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc manually, it is suggested that you should download RegCure Pro to help you quickly and automatically fix this problem. 

Additionally, after you have fixed the Windows Defender Error Code, if you want to have a good security protection for your computer, you can optionally download SpyHunter for a real-time protection.

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